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Mr. Meyer represents the future for the governing centerright Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party in Saxony; however, he lacks the traditional exchange and educational experiences with U.S. and American institutions that most of his colleagues in western Germany enjoy. Meyer is a an influential young politician who is moving up in the party; he commands a wide following among politically active young people who come to him to seek out his advice on environmental issues. He is the CDU’s leading expert and authority on these issues, despite his youth. In the fall of 2009, he was elected member of the Saxon State Parliament and immediately took over responsibility for environmental issues within the CDU. He is the party’s official spokesperson for climate/environmental issues. His election did not come unexpectedly as he has been politically engaged in various CDU related organizations and working groups focussing on environmental issues for many years now. At the age of 28, Meyer has already worked as an engineer in Finland, specializing on economic and cost issues (with NOKIA) and in Poland (with an energy supplier). He has also been a guest lecturer at the KazakhGerman University in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Considering his involvement in political and nonpolitical areas he lives in a remote area in Saxony close to the Polish and Czech border and is a strong supporter of GermanPolish Friendship initiatives we are certain that Meyer will move up very quickly to influential state and possibly national offices within the CDU. Meyer would profit enormously from direct exposure to the U.S. which will make him a better advocate for our common agenda. 


practical work history

  • 09/2009-  Member of Parliament, Freestate of Saxony; spokesman for environmental issues and for technology and innovation policy, christian democrats
  • 09/2008-09/ 2009  Personal assistant of the district chief executive of the district of Görlitz
    Coordinating activities inside and outside the county administration, preparing speeches for the district chief executive, spokesman for European affairs, member of the energy team for implementing European Energy Award, etc.
  • 11/2007   Lecture “project analysis / project management” at the German-Kazakh- University in Almaty, Kazakhstan 
    Guest Lecture in frame of German Academic Exchange Service, lecture and seminar preparation of „project analysis / project management“ 
  • 07/2007 -     Scientific assistant in frame of the project BioEnergyNet at NETwork for System Competence and Innovation –NETSCI Prof. Dr. Kramer GmbH
    Responsibilties: development of logistic concept for planned bio energy-agency of the district Löbau-Zittau 
  • 05/2005- 08/2005    Internship at Nokia Oy in Espoo, Finland,
    scholarship holder of Leonardo da Vinci scholarship program
    Responsibilities: INTRASTAT Reporting with SAP R/3, Testing of performance improvement on SAP R/3 programs, collaboration in project for archiving of data, collaboration in project for data synchronisation of different SAP R/3 servers
  • 12/2004     work at SEC Energie - Contracting in Dresden
    Responsibilities: Support in acquisition of new suppliers in Poland; Optimizing of the material stream in the power-heat-coupling power station
  • 01/2006-12/2006    Student and scientific assistant in the project “e-Learning at universities”
    Responsibilities: Implementation of courses in the learning management system OLAT, contact person for lectors at the university, preparation of trainings.
  • 10/2003- 06/2006    Student assistant at professorship Industrial Engineering and Administration International Graduate school 
    Responsibilities: participation in project for evaluation of research programs of the European Union, support in generation of academic works 
  • 04/2004- 05/2004    Free associate at LERNFÖRDERUNG Individuell in Ebersbach;
    Responsibilities: Accomplishment of private lessons in Makro Economics for pupils to reach the vocational baccalaureat diploma.
  • 07/2003 – 09/2003    practical training at Finke Leichtmetallguß (foundry) in Zittau;
    Experience: production processes in the foundry
  • 07/1999- 07/2001    apprenticeship as reserve officer of the army
    Responsibilities: education of inductees in logistics area; current rank: lieutenant


  • Förderverein zur Erhaltung des Kanitz-Kyaw`schen Schlosses zu Hainewalde e.V.
  • deputy member of council of foundation for nature and environment of the Free State of Saxony (Sächsische Landesstiftung Natur und Umwelt)
  • member by honour Oberlausitzer Tafel e.V.
  • member of Gesellschaft für Energiewissenschaft und Energiepolitik (GEE) (german association of energy science and energy policy)
  • member of German Bike Club Deutscher Fahrrad-Club e.V.
  • member of spezial council for environmental policy in the saxonien CDU
  • sport club university of applied sciences Zittau – hiking, Orienteering
  • member of forum for youth policy Jugendpolitischen Forums in Zittau
  • member State Alumni of US-State Department



Orienteering and Running (Marathon), Racing bicycles, Politics (deputy chairman (CDU) in my administrative district), Literature, nature and dogs



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